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This Teacher Librarian Handbook is the culminating project for the course, Teacher Librarian Part 1, offered through Queen's University as a part of the Post-Graduate Certificate in Teacher-Librarianship for BC Teachers.

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a go-to personal reference that will prove to be an asset as I continue to navigate my first years as a Teacher-Librarian.  This is a carefully curated collection of assignments, samples, handouts, research articles, blogs, documents, forms, and other relevant information that  reflects the learning and inquiry that has taken place during this course.  

Having this information easy to access is of utmost importance.  I have chosen to archive these items for future use by way of a wiki.  The purpose of a wiki is to collect and organize content, created and revised by its user/s.   It has pages that can be edited, changed, and added. A wiki links information, and is about knowledge sharing. 

This wiki is divided into six sections to reflect the six modules of the course.  Within each module section are required assignments that needed to be included, as well as additional resources, articles, links, blogs, and other beneficial information thoughtfully curated during the course.  I can continue to add to this wiki as I develop as a Teacher-Librarian in the future.

To view the contents of each module, navigate from the sidebar to the left.  

A * notes that mandatory items are in that particular section.  Once you are in that section, items such as 'orange folder items' and culminating projects that did not have orange folder icons, but were mandatory have a star beside them.

 Sonja Clark - 20138507 - Summer Session Ending August 2018 - Cont 997 - Teacher Librarian Part 1